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We work with many digital artists and photographers around NZ like you to bring your artwork to life. We understand your needs are unique and are willing to work with you to help establish a successful working relationship.

“As an artist I was looking for a company that could produce my work efficiently at a high standard. Canvas Creations provide me with an excellent service enabling me to provide my customers with affordable high quality artwork.” Name withheld, Auckland.

Who Qualifies for Wholesale pricing?

  • You earn a living off you artwork / photography – looking to resell your work on canvas.
  • Photographers
  • Digital artists
  • Students
  • Ad and creative agencies

What is the requirement to maintain wholesale pricing:

  • Order 12 or more canvases per calendar year.
  • Images must be ready to print when submitted for print (requiring no pre-production work by Canvas Creations).

Wholesale pricing benefits:

  • Drop shipping directly to your client.
  • ICC colour profiles for soft-proofing of images prior to submission.
  • Custom sized canvases