Claudia Jaffe – ‘Windows on NZ’

///Claudia Jaffe – ‘Windows on NZ’

Claudia Jaffe – ‘Windows on NZ’


Vast, rugged and euphoric New Zealand nature, captured to inspire and enjoy.

Claudia’s ‘Windows on New Zealand’ collage mural, not only takes you on a journey through New Zealand, it encapsulates our beautiful natural environment. Combining high quality images of our coastal landscapes, breathless oceans and lush emerald fauna, the unique collage evokes memories of our own personal love for this land.

Claudia has found a way to share the rawness of nature in a vibrant art work. Pools of gold from Claudia’s own jewellery range shape around these natural images creating a muti-layered and textured effect of bold golds and bright hues.

The collage is engaging and full of surprising elements. You cant help but be drawn to the glowing metallics and vibrancy of aqua and forest greens within.

As a art work, it is a lively enhancement to any room or setting which can be easily taken with you on your overseas travel.

More than this, it is a historical snapshot of our Aotearoa, New Zealand and something to treasure for a lifetime.