Claudia Jaffe – ‘Seasons’

///Claudia Jaffe – ‘Seasons’

Claudia Jaffe – ‘Seasons’


Soft petals and sweet scents…rosy hues and magenta Pohutukawa for the senses.

A softer play on photography, Claudia’s ‘Seasons’ collage mural fuses bold metallics and sweet flowers into a unique art work. Zoom in on native New Zealand fern Koru’s, float away with a subtle pink Lotus flower or watch summer bloom in the Nikau Ferns.

Claudia has found a way to combine all the flowers we love and enjoy into a high quality vibrant art piece. She delicately shapes webbed textures to frame these floral beauties, using an image of her own stunning gold jewellery.

Season’s is a captivating and multi-dimensional art work filled with a rainbow of colourful bouquets, from the rich and creamy Magnolia’s to the yellowing wisps of coastal Toi Toi.

Seasons gives a gentle vibe to any room or setting and is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your environment.