Photo Collages

///Photo Collages

Why limit yourself to just one image! Choose a few of your favourites and show them off on one of our custom collage canvas prints.

We have many options… if you don’t see anything you like, send us an email and maybe we can create something unique just for you or your loved ones.

  • Simple but highly effective attention grabber! The photo collage allows you to present 4 of your favourite images in one place at the same time in all their magnificent glory. How you select your images is up to you… how about that family Christmas BBQ or your cousin’s new born baby but then it could be some totally random images that only make sense to you! A decent size at 400mm x 400mm, this one is a crowd pleaser for sure.
  • Keeping it simple with a dash of something special! This photo collage allows you to display 4 images of differing sizes. Especially useful where the subjects of the images are different sizes or proportions – hence the different sized boxes. Don’t worry, we’ll do the hard work for you placing the images into the photo collage, then send you a proof image to ensure you are happy before we go to print. At 400mm x 400mm it’s a great size, not too big and not too small, just right!
  • Oozing with elegance, this photo collage is a personal favourite amongst the Canvas Creations team. This photo collage was originally designed to accommodate 5 different images, however during the creation of the template something beautiful emerged using a single image. We can’t put a finger on exactly what it is but it just works! As always, the option is entirely yours to use a single image or multiple images. Measuring 450mm x 450mm this canvas is sure to make an impact and leave an impression!