Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Claudia has participated in exhibitions worldwide.
She moved to New Zealand in 2005 after four interesting years in London where she worked for renowned companies such as Chanel and Cartier. The appreciation for elegance and Design got enormously developed in that period.
After ten years of being a Jeweller and Gemmologist, Jaffé has started a collection in Ceramics only a year ago, which is displayed in design stores and galleries throughout NZ, as well as overseas. In her early years in South America, she spent a good amount of time doing pottery with her mother who used to take workshops.
From Venezuela to Italy, Mexico, USA, United Kingdom and now New Zealand, this yet young artist has developed a strong appreciation for the country’s culture and stunning nature, deciding to stay.
“My passion consists of making jewellery and ceramic sculptured pieces as well as photography and paintings… I am inspired by images of nature – particularly the ocean and flowers – My greatest satisfaction though, comes from the very act of creating transmitting the feelings this involves… and then to see the joy people have wearing them or in the case of the lights, the pleasure they have every evening in their homes… like a tackling of the waves in a west coast beach”.
New Zealand landscapes, symbols, birds and plants have been an enormous source of inspiration for Claudia Jaffé.