Displaying your Canvas print

//Displaying your Canvas print

Displaying your Canvas print

There are many options available today for the framing, structure and housing of printed canvas artwork. Ranging from the standard stretched-frame to the more elaborate floating frames that appear to be magically hanging without any nails or mounts.

Enclosures are as simple as simple glass-front frames to completely custom built enclosures to protect the giclee masterpiece from the elements or for security reasons in a high-traffic area.

The different forms that the canvas can be placed upon a rigid structure can vary by the printing company, but the most common form is wrapped canvas prints. Wrapped canvases are wrapped over the edges of a wooden frame, allowing a small portion of the printed image to be visible on each side of the frame, and provides a border-less option for your print to be displayed.

It’s extremely important to display your giclee masterpiece or canvas print out of direct sunlight and away from any sources of extreme heat or moisture. Heeding this warning will ensure that your print lasts as long as possible without any fading or color bleeding occurring.

Other things to keep in mind, depending on the finish of your canvas is the lighting and viewing-angle. High-gloss finishes are often best under softer lighting and more direct viewing angles, while giclee prints with matte finishes look just fine under direct lighting and extremely viewing angles.