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Canvas Creations – 3D Canvas Render

Sometimes it can be difficult to put into perspective exactly how big a canvas will look on your wall. Well, we've done something that might help! We've created 3D canvas renders for each different photographic and paper sized custom printed canvases available from Canvas Creations. Although all the 3D canvas renders are in portrait, [...]

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Canvas Border Wrap Options

Canvas Creations offers you a few different options when it comes to border wraps for your canvases. Often the choice of wrap, simply comes down to personal preference or limitations presented by your image. What is a canvas border wrap? Border wraps refers to the canvas material exposed on the outside edges of your canvas. [...]

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Canvas Size Comparison

We know it can be difficult to put into perspective exactly how our canvases stack up against each other in terms of size, especially when you've got either paper or photographic sized canvases to choose from! So, we've done something that might help! We've put together some simple reference images to give you a better [...]

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Canvas Creations – 1,2,3, Easy!

Step One Pick your desired Canvas Creations product: Photographic Sized Canvases, Paper Sized Canvases, All Canvas Sizes or Custom sized Canvases. Select a product size. If you find it difficult to select which size to get, this might help Canvas size Comparisons and you may also want to check out our 3D Canvas renders, click [...]

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Giclee prints Vs. Canvas prints

These two phrases are often generalised as the same process of turning a digital image into a canvas-based print, unfortunately there are some specific differences between the two. Pricing is will be the first that most people notice, Giclee prints can range anywhere from 50% to 300% more expensive than typical canvas prints. The price [...]

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What is Canvas printing?

Canvas Printing or Giclee Printing, depending on the quality of the final result is simple the process of turning a digital image into a high-detail print onto a canvas surface. Often reaching up to 60” in width these prints are of very high detail and give a sense of quality due to the texture that [...]

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Caring for Giclee prints

Now that you've got your high-quality image transferred into a museum quality masterpiece you'll want to ensure it looks as good, and lasts as long as possible. With the various canvas materials and inks / dyes available, protecting it can seem to be a daunting and overwhelming task. Fortunately for you, all the modern printing [...]

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The benefits of Canvas prints

Once you've got a fantastic family photo on your digital camera, or your digital artwork completed, and you want to show if off... You've got to choose how best to showcase it's remarkable impact and detail. Canvas printing will be the only choice if you're wanting a large format print in high resolution. Canvas prints [...]

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Displaying your Canvas print

There are many options available today for the framing, structure and housing of printed canvas artwork. Ranging from the standard stretched-frame to the more elaborate floating frames that appear to be magically hanging without any nails or mounts. Enclosures are as simple as simple glass-front frames to completely custom built enclosures to protect the giclee [...]

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Canvas printing terms and phrases

Canvas – This is the material that the print will be place upon. These are typically pure cotton, but can also be made of purely synthetic fibres.   Canvas Framing – There are many options when it comes to framing your high quality giclee canvas prints. All the options that exist for typical picture framing [...]

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