Caring for Giclee prints

//Caring for Giclee prints

Caring for Giclee prints

Now that you’ve got your high-quality image transferred into a museum quality masterpiece you’ll want to ensure it looks as good, and lasts as long as possible. With the various canvas materials and inks / dyes available, protecting it can seem to be a daunting and overwhelming task.

Fortunately for you, all the modern printing liquids -both inks and dyes- are formulated in such a way that caring for them is the same regardless of which was used on your canvas print.

Your canvas print is coated in a hardwearing UV protective spray.

Making sure to keep your canvas print out of the direct sunlight and away from any extreme sources of heat, such as fireplaces, heaters or stoves is key to it lasting a lifetime and looking it’s best.

Choosing a proper place to hang your canvas print is an important step in protecting it, understanding the environment around your artwork will help you choose the best location to protect your newly transformed digital artwork. Many professionals believe that keeping it at least 4 inches from the ceiling will ensure no excessive heat, nor moisture reaches your beloved canvas print.