What is Canvas printing?

//What is Canvas printing?

What is Canvas printing?

Canvas Printing or Giclee Printing, depending on the quality of the final result is simple the process of turning a digital image into a high-detail print onto a canvas surface.
Often reaching up to 60” in width these prints are of very high detail and give a sense of quality due to the texture that the canvas material gives the print. Printing an image onto canvas gives many benefits over printing onto normal paper, such as longevity, quality, impact and finishing options.

Since canvas is heavier than paper, and the inks or dyes used in the printers is more expensive you can expect to pay a little bit more money for a canvas print versus a normal print on stock paper. This is often not to large of a difference and with the availability of canvas-printing increasing year over year many people are choosing canvas prints, or giclee prints for their high-end pictures and image-printing services.

Giclee printing is simply canvas printing with a higher-quality and adhering to much higher standards. Often using a fine-tipped nozzle to spray a mist of dyes onto the canvas these offer better image reproduction, longevity and overall quality.

While canvas printing is currently very popular some of the large printer manufactures are in the works of creating table-top sized printers capable of accepting canvas as a printing medium offering the average home user to print their own canvas based artwork from home.

Years ago when a digital artist created a masterpiece it was often a very difficult process to get their artwork turn into high-quality prints, luckily canvas printing companies have changed this drastically. Not only are canvas prints affordable and easily accessible but also offer the average digital artist a way to print only a single product for a reasonable cost.

Digital artists are producing amazing images with ever increasing clarity, coloration and detail and Giclee / Canvas printing is offering a very friendly way to share their masterpieces with the world.