Canvas Border Wrap Options

//Canvas Border Wrap Options

Canvas Border Wrap Options

Canvas Creations offers you a few different options when it comes to border wraps for your canvases. Often the choice of wrap, simply comes down to personal preference or limitations presented by your image.

What is a canvas border wrap?

Border wraps refers to the canvas material exposed on the outside edges of your canvas. When images are printed on large sheets of canvas material, this material is then tightly wrapped around a wooden pine frame to provide shape and support for the canvas. The frame is wrapped much like a birthday present would be, however the back is not covered. The front and all four side edges are completely ‘wrapped’.

There are four very popular ways to do your canvas border wraps, we’ll explain them briefly – to help making your choice a little easier!

  • Gallery wrap or Image wrapped

The most popular wrap style, without a doubt! With a gallery or image wrap the image is stretched over all sides as one continuous image. Gallery wraps are best when there are no import image elements near the edges, bearing in mind that some of the image will be wrapped around the sides of the frame.


Gallery / Image wrapped Canvas Border

  • Mirrored border wrap

Mirrored image border wraps are an option, when due to image limitations a gallery wrap cannot be used. We take approximately 40mm from the edge of the image on all sides and mirror them, that way when the canvas is wrapped you will still have photo elements on the sides of your canvas but the front image will not lose any critical detail



Mirror wrapped Canvas border

  • Black or white borders

With a black or white border, your image is printed only on the front of the canvas, the remaining borders will be either black or white, depending on what you’ve decided. These types of borders are ideal when you do not have enough room in an image to do a gallery, image wrap border and prefer not to have a mirror wrap border.